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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some stuff

                       Last night I went back to my old church for Thanksgiving Worship night. Wow.Wow.Wow. Let me tell you,when I worship there my hands just go straight up,I close my eyes and just do my darnedest to to focus on why I'm there. 51 people were baptized.One man was baptized with his girlfriend.When they were done he asked her to marry him. Now that is the kind of man I pray my girls will find and hope my sons will be. But as beautiful and wonderful as is it there,when we were done we didn't see familiar faces,were not greeted with hugs which I feel validates my decision to switch. Worship is when I feel God the most but I know that being a part of the church is the big picture.I just wasn't feeling it there.I'm just glad I went with Jill and not Tim because he would say how much he wants to go back..............

Ok,voting is on for Tiny Prints Talent Search. GO HERE to vote for our little sweetie,Stella Patience. Thank you for voting for that little heart shaped face.

Now for a little What I Whipped up Wednesday........
I needed a small lamp for the front foyer.The only light in there is the (ugly) chandy. Seeing as I'm totally obsessed with the fabric section at Hobby Lobby but can't sew a thing I find other creative uses for fabric.This is where the lampshade comes in. But I didn't have a base so Tim actually found this one at Target for me and it's perfect!! Yay! These sticky lampshades are perfect! I can't wait to get some started for our bedroom lamps.

Now off to pick up a bit around here.The dishes seem to multiply around here ya know!

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