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35 Y/O wife to Tim and mom to Emma,Noah,Caleb, Stella and 2 babies in Heaven.Trying to walk in the path of the Lord and carrying my family with me. I love our 1902 home we purchased more 10 years ago. It is constantly evolving and goes through whatever changes my little heart desires. I love vintage treasures and I'm always on the hunt for them! My hope is that this blog will be a constant scrapbook for my family and home,a place to make new friends and just somewhere to lay out my thoughts,even if they aren't beautiful or inspiring. XoXo-Nikki

Friday, November 18, 2011

InstaFriday 11-18 (and a special moment from my week)

Yay!! Time for InstaFriday,where I show you some of this weeks phone pics.Can you believe I do not have ONE picture from Emma's performance in Alladin this week? Well,I never claimed to be super mom and to say this week has been stressful would be an understatement.

But before I get on with the pictures I want to share how God really helped me this week.
About a year ago I came across  THIS article on CNN.I was really touched by it and shared it on Facebook.Well my friend Josie took this a step further.She decorated some boxes,put notebooks in them and gave me one among other friends. For my very first prayer in the box I asked God to please bless Josie and her husband Doug with a baby in 2011.I really wanted to share motherhood with one of my closest friends. They had baby Ellie just a few weeks ago!!! 

Well,shame on me for letting this God Box just sit on my book shelf for most of the year. On Tuesday I was just feeling so overwhelmed. Being pulled in what seemed a hundred directions. I spied the box and grabbed it,reading over the prayers I wrote in the beginning of the year.(In one from January I asked to be cured of my blood clot-Done in February!!) So I wrote a new prayer. I asked for strength to just get something done in this house. To have order and peace in our home. The next day I just had the most incredible burst of energy! I was organizing,cleaning,pitching stuff. Through all of that I even managed to bake my Noah a cake for this 10th birthday! I felt amazing.I stopped for a minute and just thought 'Wow,God!This is from you! Thanks!!!!!' Praying for this every day. I want to be the best wife,mom and homemaker that the Lord wants me to be.

Ok, on with the pics:

Stella with her toothy grin before church.

Yep,it totally does!

I won!!! Thanks Kiki!!
Gourmet Malted Milk Balls from a day out with my Mister!

Celebrating Noah's Bday at Don Pablo's.

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Imjustaghost said...

Hi! I feel like we're the same person. We have all the same interests and stuff lol. Your kids are beautiful. I love Pittsuburg. I live in Parkersburg, but my sister lived there for a while and she's moving back next month. Love the blog!

Elisabeth said...

Those malted milk balls look amazing.