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Monday, November 7, 2011

Girls Day out at Christmas in the Village

We went out for Christmas in the Village for the second year.It's a big craft fair in a little town near my mom's house. My aunts and cousins joined us. I must say we had much better finds last year but we still had a good time anyways.I did get a cute scarf and a necklace.Plus I found a sweet little apron for Stella when it's time for her to become a 'Cooker Girl' with Emma and I.

After the craft fair we had lunch and then went to Gabe's where we made fun of ugly shoes and talked about words we don't like.(words like 'moist' and 'slacks')

I can't wait to have another girls day out! See those triplets? The one in the middle is my Mommy and they will be 50 in a few months!!Wonder what we can come up with for that?

Triplets after a breakfast of curly cheese fries

One of the houses had chickens in the back yard. I wish we could keep chickens!!
My favorite thing I found,Christmas tree's made of vintage jewelry pieces. I think I saw this pinned before.
Black and Gold represented. Nice to look at after last nights horrific loss :(

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{cuppakim} said...

no way. i saw a christmas tree out of jewelry in an antique shop a few years ago. and have ALWAYS regretted not buying it.

my grandma gave me a ton of old costume jewelry to try and replicate it. which i have yet to do.

how awesome :)