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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stella is 1!

 Our sweet little 10-10-10 Baby Girl is now 1 year old!! 1 year since our dreams came true,1 year of her capturing the hearts of her big sister and big brothers.1 year of her charming the heck out of random strangers in public.1 year filled with thousands of kisses and gentle squeezes.

It's family tradition that the birthday kid (or parent) chooses where we go out to eat on their birthday.Since Stel can't really choose just yet-or even eat much of the food for that matter-we chose Burgatory since we've never been there.Quite yummy.

This Sunday is her party.We rented out a hall and are having a soup and salad bar. I'm praying for nice weather and hoping those who have not RSVP'd will do so soon. I still need to do a bit of shopping for the occasion.

Emma is now boasting that she is the only one of our kids who was full on walking before their 1st birthday. Stella has taken a few steps but is not getting around on her own just yet.The boys were at least 14-15 months by the time they were walking. I don't mind as I know this moment will be bitter sweet. Another mile stone passed that will not be celebrated again here.

It's funny how Emma's milestones are so exciting to me and Stel's make me a little sad.I want so much to just enjoy her babyness and suck it all in. To grasp on to every moment. Before I know it she will be the one making posters for the Halloween dance and rolling her eyes at me when I try to sing a song she likes ;)

Thank you for the past year Stella,for making my heart grow despite the 2 pieces of it taken to heaven,for being there for a cuddle just when mama needed you the most. For wrapping your daddy around your little finger and for completing our family. I love you sweet baby girl.You are an amazing gift from God. Happy Birthday!


{cuppakim} said...

happy birthday to your little one. :) 10-10-10 baby turns 1! so awesome ;)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your little Stella! She is so lucky to have 10-10-10 as her birthday! I love it!