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Friday, October 7, 2011

InstaFriday 10-7

Ok,bear with me here as I drink tea rather than coffee this morning. I decided it was time I finally use the cute little teapot that Tim bought me for Christmas.I have the purple one.

Feeling much better as I got out of the house last night and did some shopping for Stella's Birthday party! It's next weekend on the 16th but her real birthday is on Monday! So hard to believe this tiny,petite little thing is just about a year old already.

finally broke out the baby legs-we love them!

Tonight our big girl is marching in the Homecoming Parade. I sooo can not see my quiet Emma as a cheerleader but if she wants to go for it I will encourage her.

Big sister scoops up little sister as soon as she gets home each day.My girls together makes my heart happy.
This is my first weekend off as a SAHM. We had previous plans to go away but those fell through. Now the weekend is wide open with the promise of gorgeous weather......What to do?

Sharing a book. Love it!

I need to get back into ready myself. I'm asking Santa for a new Kindle Fire this year.The app on my phone just doesn't cut it. Then I can say I read something besides Harry Potter and Twilight.

I took this because it's just one of my favorite little spots with lots of favorite little things.

I had previously mentioned finding some goodies in boxes that made for some neat time capsule pictures and I think those will get a post of their own. 

But I did find this!
Ok, now I know that this just looks like some ugly,green eye shadow. Well it is. But it has a lot of significance.This stuff is probably going on 20 years old. It's in a cheesy,gold compact. It's from Aveda. I promise,I'm not a hoarder. The night I met my Tim was on Halloween. A friend brought him over. I said 'He's not dressed! We can't go out for Halloween if he doesn't have a costume!' So I dragged him over to the table and put makeup on him. Gobs of this green shadow.I liked that I got to touch him. I thought this guy was really cute.I may have over did it but I didn't want him to go away.I later found out he only let me do that to him because he wanted me to. So you see,this ugly green shadow helped to shape our family in some weird way. That's why I can't bear to part with it. True story.

life rearranged

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Kaleigh Michelle said...

HI Nikki! I LOVE tea, my boyfriend is English and got me addicted so we might have little twin teapots soon :) And hey what do you know, we met on Halloween as well! Just call it the love Holiday :)