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Monday, October 3, 2011

It's amazing what you find when you clean.............

The weather here has been awful. Just cold and rainy.We've pretty much stayed in the house all weekend with the exception of my last day of work. I decided that our bedroom needed a good cleaning. I'm guilty of just chucking stuff in a box,putting it away and for getting about it. So I end up making these 'time capsules' if you will. I took some pictures of these but will save those for later. Today I'm just here to embarrass myself and share these 'gems'.
My roots were showing bad. Nice Goth band shirt. Didn't seem as cool when I found out Jordan Knight and Peter Cetera both wore Bauhaus shirts in their video's........... ExBF with dark, flowing locks is cropped out.

I had my Sr. Picture taken THREE different times. These were just the one's my mom got done to pass out. The first shoot was rather Artsy/fartsy,all in Sepia and taken by my sister.The other shoot was some super expensive guy the yearbook hired for our photo's. How much do you love the bleach job and nose ring??? What was I thinking when I piled on all of that lipstick?? Ahh....class of '97  
And here I am circa 1993. Green jean shorts and a Pearl jam T. I think I would be a happy girl if I could be this skinny again. My hair looks like I've never heard of scissors and my huge glasses look like they are trying to eat the rest of my face. 

I sure had myself a good laugh with these photo's. I hope you do too!!

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{cuppakim} said...

ahhh the 90's. full of amazing awkward grungy dark colored awesome ness :)