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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Products I Love

Well,this girl does love her list making so I was happy to find this linky party for Top 10 Tuesday on the blog for Oh Amanda.

 These are products I LOVE and have bought again and again (or plan to).Some are super cheap and some are a bit more (But that's ok because I saved on the other stuff,right)

ONE-Ok,this is definitely where I save. Sauve Professionals Shampoo/Conditioner in Rosemary-mint is truly some of the best stuff I have ever put on my head. First of all it smells amazing. I was a $26 a bottle Pureology fan and this stuff is just as good at a tenth of the price.

TWO- Method Wood for Good Before buying this stuff I was ok with using whatever randomness I had a coupon for. No more!!! I use this stuff because it works and because of the wonderful almondy aroma it emits. I love a good product that make my nose happy!

THREE-Viva paper towels, Not very cheap for paper towels but truly worth every penny. They are thick and one sheet goes a long way. I try my best to get coupons for these and stock up when I see a good deal.

FOUR- Before my beloved Keurig came into my life I was actually more of a tea drinker and my favorite for a while now has been Revolution Tea Earl Grey Lavender. Very calming and yummy with just a bit of sugar.

FIVE-super duper cheap and I love it! Great Value white corn and black bean salsa. We actually don't even live anywhere near a Walmart but when we make it to one I love to grab a jar of this. It's quite tasty and the price rocks!

SIX-Ok,this is where I'm really putting out the cash. Yes,it's pricey but since I don't wear makeup everyday it lasts longer for me.Bare Escentuals was a spur of the moment purchase one day. I figured I'd try it to see what the hype was about. Whoah! Loved it! I'm blessed to have pretty good skin and this enhances it. One compact (or whatever) lasted me about 8 months.

SEVEN- Another Method product to make the list and again,because I love the smell. This is the smell of my sweet babe! I use the Rice Milk+Mallow dryer sheets on Stella's laundry. I'm extremely disappointed that they chose to discontinue the matching detergent. I'm glad I have some stashed in my laundry area.

EIGHT-Another baby product that I swear by and have used on all of my kids- Baby Bee Diaper ointment by Burt's Bees. Thick and works well.

NINE-Yummy Earth organic lollipops. I buy these for kids in large containers and they are so good that I keep a few in my purse for own personal use. I've shared them and have been asked about them.

TEN-I remember when I was in high school and how much I loved all the perfume oils at the Body Shop in the middle of the store. My favorites were Dewberry and LEAP!. They don't have those anymore :( but they still carry Lip Scuff. It's like a scrub for your lips! Works like a dream.

Well there is my first Top Ten list for a Tuesday! Off to make my little guy some hot cocoa and perhaps some Earl Grey Lavender for me!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


RAnn said...

It's always nice when things you really like (like Suave) are a bargain too!

Tracy said...

Nikki I really like Aldi's paper towels we used them at work (a bar kitchen) so I started using them at home, cheap and they work well