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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday #5

Last night,I was in a bit of a funk.Thankfully when I woke up this morning that feeling didn't wake up with me. Wait,now that I'm thinking of it I didn't really wake up with me.Whatever.But the next time I feel that way I should really just check out my Thankful Thursday posts.It's usually lots of little things that put me in those funks but isn't it the little things that make me thankful too?

  1. My kid's school: I love having my kids back in school because I love all that comes with it.The routine and business of it. The hustle and bustle of making sure papers are signed and lunches are packed.I love the school calender the district publishes. I go through it and highlight everything that pertains to us along with all the home football games.Next week Em starts Drama club,I go to the first PTO meeting and we all go to the school's Potluck dinner. I'm going to make a strawberry-spinach salad with blue cheese and poppyseed dressing. YUM!  
  2. Coffee Love:After owning my Keurig for nearly a year,I have finally figured out how to use the lovely and economical My K-Cup Reusable Filter, Way cheaper than actual K-cups. I'm being a better steward using these. I figure I'm getting roughly 22 cups of coffee out of a 1lb bag of coffee. Way better than 18 cups for $12.
  3. Song: Adore this song. So powerful. 

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black tag diaries said...

i want one of those keurig machines so bad! i don't even drink coffee really... but would love have it for tea and hot chocolate. i loved your little intro paragraph this week... so true, it's the little things that set us off sometimes, but it's the little things that make us smile too... great reminder:)

{cuppakim} said...

i love your keurig! i just got a nespresso - but my sister has the keurig at her office and it is SO cool. i love that you can make things other than coffee with it :)