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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years can feel like a week ago.

Looking through my reading list I noticed that quite a few of my favorite bloggers gave their account of their 9/11 experience. So I thought I'd share mine as I've always been meaning to put that day into words.

It was a Tuesday. I worked full time back then but I was off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We went out to dinner the night before to Quaker Steak and Lube. Emma was about a month away from turning 2 and I was around 30 weeks pregnant with Noah. We had just purchased our first home at only 23 years old. I felt on top of the world. I had a great job, a new home and 2 children. We had accomplished so much already while many of our friends were still in school.

I rolled out of bed that morning (literally, we slept on our mattress up the floor as our bed frame was too large to go up the steps to our bedroom.) after sleeping in. I went downstairs with Emma and put on 'Bear in the Big Blue House' for her. It was her favorite at the time.
I don't even remember what I was doing when my mom called me. She was at work. I think her store had just opened. She asked if I was watching TV,when I said no she told me a customer came into the store and told her that a plane crashed into the WTC. So I turned on the tv and before I really even got a chance to hear anything about what happened the most horrific thing was on the screen-the second plane crashing in. I called her back and told her what I saw. I was so scared. I don't remember if I cried or not. I remember my mom telling me to call my sister Amanda. She was at home by herself. I called her a few times but noone answered.

I left the TV on. Flipping back and forth between all of the major networks and news channels. Then news broke in about the Pentagon. After that I got a horrible,sick and nervous kind of feeling. I was so sure it was the end of the world. And then I did cry. I held my girl and prayed that I would get to meet my son. I called Tim at work. I don't remember our conversation. He didn't leave just yet though.

My cousin Joey and our friend Heathyre both called me from work. We all worked together. They wanted to check on me.They knew of my fear of planes. They told me about how the news came in during an all staff meeting.

I watched the first building collapse in awe. What was happening?? I felt like I was witnessing somebody else's creepy dream. Then we learned of the demise of Flight 93.Which was only 80 miles away from here. (Learning later on that the place likely crossed over Pittsburgh gave me the chills.)

I tried calling Amanda again. This time she answered. I asked her if she was watching.No.She had just woke up. I told her what was happening.She sounded angry. 'Don't mess around with me. I just found out I'm pregnant.' She told me. Wow. I'll never forget about that part of day either.

She walked over.We watched tv together. Sat on the porch discussing her news and how quiet it was. When Tim did come home we went over to my parents house. I felt like we just needed to be together. I'm sure we all were thinking 'Now What?' I remember hearing my dad get really angry and yell at the TV.

The rest of the day is a blur. But the days after were filled with fear,distrust,uneasiness.....etc. I remember feeling so relieved on that November day when our first son was born. He made me feel like things would be ok again. Different but ok.

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Lorren said...

Crazy how our lives are classified now, before 9-11 and after. I still cannot grasp the severity of the problem.