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Monday, September 12, 2011

My new favorite store OR My first trip to Hobby Lobby.

My jealousy has been going on for years. I see the cute items you all pick up at Hobby Lobby and I have no way to get my hands on them. Especially you lovely ladies in the south. Flying into Vegas a few months back I spotted one. Tim told me we didn't fly across the country to shop at Hobby Lobby. I was crushed!

Well no more!! Pittsburgh finally has it's own Hobby Lobby!! Woot!! It opened about a week ago but I finally made it out that way on Friday night. The guys were not enthused but Em and I Oooooed and Ahhhhed over nearly everything we saw! 

Upon entering the store I noticed that they are closed on Sunday to allow their employees time for family and worship. Just like Chick-fil-a. Hmmm,nice I thought. Once I was in there shopping I was so impressed by the selection and prices. I found something very sweet for Josie's upcoming baby shower. Then Em found a clock that will go perfect in her room:
clock and scrapbooking paper to be used on a project for Em's room.  

Isn't that cute?!? Then we found the scrap book paper aisle. Only .59 for most of the sheets and half off of that? Yes,please!! I got a few and now I have some projects in mind.

Any ideas?  

Then I found the cutest mirror for ME! This will go in our room after it's finally painted. (I um,bought the paint a year and a half ago!!)

$6 Awesomeness!!!

I also got tons of stickers (all half off) and a super cute apron. Just in time for all of the fall baking that's coming up. What a place for some great finds!!


Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

love that mirror and it's cheap.

xoxo LiLi
Thinking Out Loud

Tracy said...

Our Hobby Lobby is open on Sundays, But I'm glad you guys got one where is it at?