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Friday, September 9, 2011

InstaFriday 9-9

When I went to get my Tom's we bought them at Nordstrom. A little to fancy for Caleb's taste.He was hungry and cranky.He wouldn't stop running around.  
I did get a pic of the reunion on my phone! My niece and nephew/brother-sister duo Leah and Jacob.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my craptastic backyard before. It's a hill that needs landscaped something awful.We never go back there. As I was cooking dinner on Wednesday I glanced out the window and saw 2 deer just chilling at the bottom of the hill. We are far from rural around here.We are actually in a boro outside of Pittsburgh so are we're closer to urban than anything. I quietly went out on the back deck to get this shot and when Caleb came out screeching the darling things didn't even flinch. They were back there for at least and hour. Haven't seen them since.

My nephew Liam came over for a bit yesterday. He's simply adorable and posed quite nice with Caleb for this shot. Silly Boys!!   

I. Love. Her. (Even if she's a cranky pants while those top 2 teeth are cutting in!)

It's starting to seem more and more like Fall. So my Scentsy warmers are emitting smells like Cinnamon Bear,Honey Pear Cider and Autumn Sunset. When my house smells yummy I am a happy camper. Now to just get my hands on some of that Pumpkin Marshmallow!!  

life rearranged


The Morris Family said...

I love the smells of Fall too!! we actually have had some cool mornings to make it more real!!!

that is amazing the deer were back there!!

Tiffany said...

What great photos to sum up the week. So cool to have deer in your yard. Maybe they will be back!