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Friday, September 23, 2011

InstaFriday 9-23

Before I get on with InstaFriday I'm just gonna take a little moment to whine. I don't feel good. Seriously. I go to bed every night and wake up every morning feeling like I was ran over. My head is still tingling from what I still think is the shingles/phn stuff. The medicine the me makes me so drowsy that when I take it my poor kids are usually late for school because I just can't pull myself out of bed. My fingers hurt in a weird way so that if I try to use my iPhone I can not even grip the phone. THANK GOD I have not had chest pains in some time. I'm just frustrated because I've felt good for a really long time and now I'm starting to feel yucky again. And there's too much to do to feel icky!!!

On a happier note today is the first official day of my very favorite season! Can I get a 'Yay Fall!!!'?? I'm having a 31 party tonight. I wanted to go all out and decorate for fall but I don't feel like pulling stuff out of the attic nor do I have extra money to get anything new. Having to replace the hot water heater about killed us :(

Oh! I also forgot to Thankful Thursday yesterday. Thanks to other blogs. No,really I was looking at all the AWESOME homes over at Life Made Lovely's weekly feature of Home Made Lovely.  I was in love with all of the cute little vignettes in every ones home and realized I hadn't done that in a while. So I thought what can I do? I'm feeling creative. Then I remembered the little shelf up in the attic that was shaped like a little canoe.

So I'm gonna say #1I'm Thankful for Heather and  Life Made Lovely because it's a great blog and inspired me yesterday!! Here's what I did:
Used to hold Boyds Bears
spray primer is my friend
Robins Egg Blue (Thank you Glidden giveaway!)
Drying on the front porch (thanks to the rain!)

There is actually a bracket on the back to hang it up. Once it dried (and I just could not wait!!!) I took it up to my very boring,very much needs painted second floor landing/hall. I hung it up next to the bathroom.

I think I want to put something on the back like a pretty paper to make it pop!
Top shelf is holding 2 vintage kids books and a nifty looking old alarm clock
middle shelf has artwork made for my by my cousin JoeyAnn
bottom shelf are the BFF (Blessed Friends Forever) goodies from Josie *not us in the photo ;)

So for #2 I'm thankful to those ladies for remembering my birthday!

And just for kicks #3 is the rarely cleaned bathroom
As you can see it's a tight space......imagine having to get down there and clean up little boy pee. Not fun :(

Thankful Thursdays Button

Ok here's a few shots for InstaFriday :)

Yummy Honey Crisp Apples!!

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts and Bacon. And how cute is that bowl???

Strange little man who asked me to cut his toenails

More often than not that strange little man is playing around on my phone. Here's a small sampling of some of the stuff I find on my camera roll

Stella 'in jail'

Arthur in a dirty mug

The back of Noah's head in the school auditorium.
life rearranged

So there is my combined whining/Thankful Thursday and InstaFriday post :) Have a swell weekend!!


{cuppakim} said...

that boat shelf is so cool! and i love the color change. looks so fabulous all set up!

black tag diaries said...

love, love, love the boat shelf! the robins egg blue looks great! i have a little bedside table i'm wanting to paint that color... feeling inspired to do that soon... thanks;)