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Friday, September 2, 2011

InstaFriday 9-2

Can I get a big 'Hooray!!!' for being back in school and having a routine again? I've been so busy filling out forms,chatting with school moms,making sure homework is done,dinner is on the table, etc... Not to mention our family reunion this Sunday that I'm trying to get ready for. I even forgot to do 'Thankful Thursday' yesterday but I think I'll still link up because I'm pretty thankful for all this stuff in this post :)

Heres a few from Monday. Back to school AND my 33rd Bday.
I guess Emma is too cool to smile now that she's in 6th grade.  

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Weeeee!! Big enough for the school's playground slide.

I could tell that Em was gonna miss Stella when she went back. When Big sister went to greet her friends she made sure that Little sister tagged along.

Wouldn't let her go!

So glad that 11 years hasn't mattered much between these two. 

No week is complete without Caleb acting like a total goon!!

He found this K-Mart. I wouldn't let him get it but couldn't resist the photo-op.

The server at Benihana gave him a handful of these. His charm get's him swag like this. LOL!!

Wednesday Night found Em and I with our friends Jill and Jules at the Pep Rally for the High School they'll be at next year. They recognize all the fall sports athletes. We're hoping the girls would see something they want to do. Em thinks she wants to do cheerleading but I'm crossing my fingers for Band Front (like Flag team) or Cross-Country.
This is a preview of our Friday Nights as we hope to make it up to all the home games :)

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with my friend Erin. Can I just say how adorable she is?? This week she had an exciting announcement! She is officially an RN!! I'm so proud of her. She made it that far through hard work and lots of prayer. Hmmmm,I think we know her next goal through this picture:
Know any good single,Christian guys for Erin?
We had a blast playing around in TJ Maxx and she bought me this book I've had on my Amazon Wish list for awhile now.We also had a yummy lunch at Boston Market. I could totally live on their Sweet Potatoes!!

And did you know they still make Otter Pops??? Who Knew??
Linking up for both of these on this one!!
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The Morris Family said...

your blog is so pretty, so fresh!!!

all the insta pics are fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Such fun picts for back to school! Looks like the week was fun! I LOVE TJ Maxx!

Lauren said...

Love that coffee mug :) Have a great weekend. Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

hannah singer said...

that too cool for school photo is cracking me up;)
otter pops are my fave. oh yes.

happy weekend! xo

Jo Ann said...

pssst- find me a good christian man too!