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Friday, September 16, 2011

InstaFriday 9-16

Caution: Photo Heavy!! I'm a little sad I have no photo's from last night's picnic. Great night with good food despite the fact it was so chilly.But I spent the whole night talking to our favorite Kindergarten teacher,friends and neighbors. Hot Coffee was much needed so I offered to bring it next year. It will probably be 85* and no one will drink it!

Saturday was the 6th grade rummage sale. These are the kids that had their own tables to make $ to put towards their trip.It was very successful and I had lots of fun with the other moms putting it together.

Me and my 2 girls (neither are looking at the camera!!) at the NOCC walk. We do this every year and this was Stella's first! All the women in my family get together and this year Jill and Shawnelle joined us.

My little cousin Kelsey went to Russia this summer to visit her boyfriends family.She brought back this cute Matryoshka for Stella.  

I had all this cute owl stuff around so I decided they needed to be together as a collection. The owl second from the right was from my Grammie's collection and the one next to that is the candle Jill bought me for my bday. I need to get rid of those stars. Leftovers from my prim/country decor days.  

I was feeling crafty so I Mod-Podged some more Scherenschnitte.
The top one is for Stella's room. I spray painted that cute little frame I got a flea market for 25 cents.

LOVE my new mug!! All I did was upload my blog header onto VistaPrint and Oila! Perfect last night for Hot Apple Cider after a cool evening out.     

I did not 'Insta' this photo because I didn't want to cut Caleb out or what he's doing. We've decided to just do Pre-school at home. For now I bought flash cards and work books. He's breezing through them. I might look into some online curriculum next. It's just for this year though. I'm certainly not the home school type. There is so much to be said for it but we thrive on all the other stuff that comes with going to the local public school.  
Just for Fun!! A Tupac Pillow!! Really? I caught this find at Gabe's when I was shopping with all the girls after the walk on Sunday. I can't help but wonder whose genius idea it was to put a slain rappers face on the packaging to a bed pillow. Hmmm......

So that is our week in pictures. Tonight is the football game and tomorrow I work. Still contemplating putting in my 2 weeks. A lot to think about. 

Well,the dishes are calling my name even though I'm trying to ignore them by blasting some Avett Brothers. I guess I better give them some attention so I have a clean pot to make some Harvest Soup for tonight :)

life rearranged

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teri lynn said...

Your new mug is super cute! And that Tupac pillow is hilarious! Have a wonderful weekend with your family!