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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello crazy,busy week!!

Exciting news! We got a new car! I'm not sure why I'm excited by this. Actually I don't think I like this. Tim bought this new car so he doesn't have to take the van to work. Why? Because he wants me to to drive it. *Gulp* A friend asked when I plan on learning to do this. My reply? When I get a minute! I feel this week is merely a precursor to the year ahead of me.

Monday-nothing going on except that's when he got the new car. I still need to take a picture while it's still daylight. It's already starting to get dark around 7:30 now.

Last night I went to the first PTO meeting of the year. I always manage to make it to the first one. After that I'm lucky to get one more in. With it being Em's last year and realizing I still have another 11 years up there I'm diving in head first. I feel so sad knowing some of my mom friends 'graduate' right along with their kid. I volunteer to work the Spring event and be the chair for Donations. This should be easy as I've been quite successful in the past soliciting donations for RFL. I was also happy to see a lot of new parents up there who want to be involved in their child's school. I made some yummy pumpkin muffins too. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Naturally :)

 Tonight is the first night of Drama Club!! I swear Em lives for this! She's really hoping for a bigger part as it's her last year. When she goes up to the high school next year she will be a tiny fish in the big pond of the annual high school musical. I can't wait to find out what they will be performing this year.

 Tomorrow evening is the Annual Covered Dish dinner. We go every year(missed it last year because I was very pregnant and very miserable).It's a great way to connect with the other families and say hello to the kids old teacher. I'll be making a strawberry salad this year. I'm a little worried as tomorrow's high temp is supposed to be 58* (Which I would welcome any other time.)

Friday Night Lights!! The first home game and we are already 2-0! Em's BFF already has her NHS sweatshirt. I really need to get Emma one. I'm going to have a high schooler next year.Ahhh!! (Anywhere else she'd be in Middle school now but our district is a bit funny) It's supposed to be a chilly night. PERFECT for some football!!

Saturday is back to work for me. I have not been there in about a month. I'm still thinking about just quitting. What to do??? I'm not complaining though. I love my kids and I love how they keep me busy!

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Jo Ann said...

You do know that you can get addmission passes for CMNH and CMA from me for any of the events that you participate in, right?