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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Entertaining some crazy idea's

I just read on another blog about it's kind of silly how we clean for a party or gathering and then we just end up cleaning even more afterward. Silly isn't it? I feel like I'm always cleaning and it just doesn't matter. Stella is officially in the Cheerio stage so at this point I don't even bother unplugging the vacuum cleaner. Looks like I'll be home a bit more to clean anyways. I gave my notice to my job.I've been there 13 years (minus a few weeks). They have been wonderful about being flexible but I know that could really use someone who can give them more time so I just felt it was the right time. I will miss that place as I've spent a third of my life there.Next Sunday is my last day there.

So another crazy idea that I'm entertaining: A tattoo. Now I already have 2. They are crappy.They are from when I was quite young (19 and 21). I've thought of an owl in honor of my Gram. Something to honor my sister's memory. And then I saw a beautiful one the other day which featured some scripture. So now I'm thinking long and hard which scripture really resonates with me.We even have a Christian tattoo parlor around here so I'm sure they could come up with something awesome for me. Again,just a thought.

Sunday was my friend Josie's shower. Let me just say that this little girl already has everything and then some!! Including some of the cutest clothes ever :) She should be here in just a few weeks. I'm so,so excited for Josie and her husband Doug. They are meant to be parents.

Me and my mom in the back,friends from Bible study Kara,Steph and Ashley and proud mama Josie in the gray top.

Last night I went out on a date with the hubs.(He had made some nice extra cash with an impromptu yard sale over the weekend) We went out for all you can eat sushi and then walked around Big Lots. I know-Super Romantic! Don't be jealous ;) The electric fireplaces at Big Lots really caught my eye. Now I'm entertaining that crazy idea too.

I have so much to do for Stelly's 1st bday party. I'm so excited about it!! I also just signed on to do Making Strides against Breast Cancer with my RFL team and a training seminar for team captains.Oh and a Halloween dance for the 6th grade. This is why I quit my job. Glad I entertained that idea and went with it!

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