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Monday, August 15, 2011

Soy Sauce

We woke up Saturday morning with no plans. My mission was to get some food as I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before. (I had went to see Hillsong the night before and was too cheap to buy concession prices.) So we decided to try a Japanese seafood buffet we had passed a few times. They had a some sushi (better than no sushi!!)
Think they'll be mad I put up an unflattering picture?
I couldn't believe how much Caleb ate. He's been on Zantac for about a month now and seems to have more of an appetite.

What was I thinking putting a white shirt on a 4 year old? We had to run into Target after and get him something else to wear for the rest of the day!!

For whatever reason the servers were all completely enamored of Stella. At first it was cute and I took Stel's pic with one of them.I also liked that one of them had the name 'Twinkle' on their name tag. But then they just kept coming over and picking her up.It was getting a little weird. But she seemed to like the attention. She also seemed to like her first taste of banana pudding and Jello!!

Stella and her new friend.

 After that we just drove around a bit and stopped at a fudge store.We left with 3 boxes full!! Good thing I grabbed a free pedometer at Walgreens :)

All that time in the car on Saturday had me looking at myself in the visor mirror. My hair was looking sooo dark! I hadn't dyed it in about 2 years. The longest ever since I started dying it when I was 16. So I had a box in the bathroom that I got free with a coupon. It was that foam stuff and it smells kinda bad Stinks!! I thought my head smelled like ammonia and soy sauce. For a second I was thinking I got it on myself earlier at the restaurant.So I'm not quite sure I left it on long enough because I couldn't stand it.


The difference is subtle and I'm hoping the 'brassiness' goes away. BTW,don't look at my bedroom. I haven't put much importance on it. My bed is stripped so I could use a sample of a new 'fabric fragrance'.It was so strong I couldn't sleep that night.........

Well it's pouring here which gives me no motivation. I'm going out with some friends tonight and I'm very excited!! More details about that later. Perhaps while I'm out I'll find a special mug for A Cuppa Kim's Mug Swap!! 

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