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Thursday, August 18, 2011

red toes

I have to say,I'm really grateful to have a husband that understands time with girlfriends is important.Not only does he stay home with the kids he usually puts a few bucks in my pocket!
Monday night was great! My RFL co-captain and friend Shawnnelle and I had this idea to do something to show Jill our event chair (my dear friend,her sister in law. And by Sister in Law,I mean Sister in Law! They married each others brothers!) a nice night out. Jill had stepped up as event chair after the original chair's husband passed away from cancer. This meant countless hours putting Relay together and time away from her family. So what we did was get our whole team to pitch in for something nice for Jill.To give it to her we went out for a night of pedicures and frozen yogurt! She was so surprised. Relaxing in those vibrating seats,having girl talk and getting our tootsies done was fantastic!!

Jill(always in Relay purple!) and Shawnnelle at the nail place  
 After that we went to YUM,our favorite froyo place. She was overwhelmed by the teams gift.It made my day knowing we made her day. I'm really blessed to have her as a friend.

Tonight I had another girls night out. This time with Josie,Kara and Steph (another pair of sister in laws-they  married brothers from the same family) We sat and talked at Panera. Both Josie and Kara are expecting little girls in the next few months and we are all so excited about that. Stella is set to have a ton of girlfriends too!

Before going out today I relaxed a bit with the new Ikea Catalog on the front porch. I'm super in love with this polka dot sofa. I have no where to put it so I suppose it's just not meant to be.
2012 Ikea catalog and my red toes!

I also finally made a recipe I've had my eye on for some time. Sour Cream Noodle Bake from the Pioneer Woman.Definitely drool worthy! I can't wait to not only make it again but make it for someone else to try. I think it will be a go-to recipe from now on. I was a bit turned off by the idea of cottage cheese but I realize now that baking/cooking it gives it a whole new life.

On a final note,I'm excited to see that my little blog here is up to 35 followers. I'm really hoping to hit 50 soon and when that happens its Giveaway Time!!!

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