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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The last week of summer vacation is upon us here in our house.We've done some school clothes shopping. Shoes and backpacks still need to be bought.

I've been doing mostly nothing thanks to a reoccurrence of PHN. Nothing I can't handle but the meds the dr. gave me make me soooooo sleepy. I had to call off work on Saturday and slept till 1 in the afternoon! If my memory is correct I never even left the house that day. How weird for a Saturday.

On Sunday morning I managed to get up early (probably because I took the Elavil early and therefore went to bed early) so I could try the church near my house. Emma went with me. It took us less than 10 minutes to walk there. When we got there a few people came up to us and introduced themselves. Then during worship it was all songs we knew from our current church.After the service (good and relevant sermon) they have a fellowship room with coffee,drinks and snacks. Even more people introduced themselves including the pastor. All in all I was quite pleased. I felt God in there. Emma said she would have to try the kids church before she makes a call on it. Tim is still not for trying something new. So I'm praying on it because I very much liked it there.

I was pretty excited when my Amazon order arrived today. I got this cuckoo clock I've been wanting. The Devotions for Kids book came as well.I got the idea from Pleated Poppy's house tour. She keeps a devotional on the table along with the napkins,s&p,etc.... We are really bad at eating together at the table so when school starts next week it's something I really want to try to do.I'm sure once swimming,drama,chorus, PTO etc.... starts up again this will be even harder.

Feeling a little sleepy still and hoping I can stay awake to go see a movie with my sister in law tonight.We like to go on Tuesdays because it's cheaper.I also need to walk up and mail my mug for Kim's Mug swap.If you are my swap buddy I'm sorry it's not out in mail land for you yet!! I have it all ready to go for you!! It's quite pretty.I promise!

I also just want to add that I'm not a big fan of posts without pictures but this will just have to be one of those.

  A) Because I never placed a title on this post

B) We had an earthquake today! It was right around 2 this afternoon and I was on the phone with my mom. I was laying across the bed and I told her even though there was a slight breeze coming through the window I could have swore I felt the bed shake.Then I looked up and the floor lamp and wardrobe were shaking!!! I went downstairs where the kids were watching TV and they felt nothing!!! My mom said she felt nothing. I really thought it was that weird medication I was on.So I texted my neighbor who said she had felt it too. I felt validated then. All I really had to to do was go on FB. It was the talk of the town! So that was our excitement for the day. Glad no one was hurt.

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