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Friday, August 26, 2011

InstaFriday 8-26

It's InstaFriday!! Holla!!!

life rearranged

I wish I had some exciting pictures to share. This is all I have to give this week:

My Mom bought me this really pretty wind chime. I finally got around to hanging it on the porch.I added a few chain links so it will twirl more.

This picture is embarrassing but whatever. This is Caleb's toy corner in the Dining room. I hate having it there.This is what it looks like clean. Imagine it when it's a mess. Yeah,Don't even go there......

Stella and her daddy at Moe's. She refuses to just sit while we all eat anymore.She wants in on the food and conversation. This should make my birthday trip to Benihana next week all the more interesting.

Having a small get together tomorrow for my brother-and me I guess-for our birthdays. I always plan stuff like this then I get nervous. What if no one comes and it's boring? What if too many show up and we get to loud and make the neighbors mad? What if someone notices I close all the bedroom doors because those rooms are downright messy and embarrassing? Then there's the fact I couldn't secure a sitter for my kids. What if they overhear adult conversation?

Next week's InstaFriday will be filled with much back to school goodness!!


Erinn said...

That windchime picture is awesome!

stopping by from the instafriday link up :)

hannah singer said...

the toy corner looks fun to me!!
best wishes for the new school year!