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Friday, August 12, 2011

InstaFriday 8-12

Another very busy week. I really need to stop for a minute and take some pics. I think sometimes I get so caught up in the moment I forget to snap a few pics.

I took the big kids out to see a movie (Rise of the Planet of the Apes).Nope,no snapshots in front of the movie poster or anything.(Well,we were a bit late......) Evening in the park chatting with friends? Sorry,no memories of that either.

But here's what I do have this week:

Mmmm, We went to my favorite Sushi Buffet!

and watched my favorite goofball try on helmets and play with the horns at Target.

This little guy (girl?) was on the bathroom wall.Not sure where it came from but I thought it was pretty cool looking.

I got these vintage flats at a church rummage sale on Tuesday. I'm not sure if they are shoes or slippers. Either way I think they will look amazing with some Scout Green tights from We Love Colors.

Look what little Princess is 10 months old already!!!  I can't believe it! Yesterday she stood on her own for nearly a full minute. Exciting and somewhat overwhelming all at the same time.

More busy days ahead, concert tonight,a few hours of work this weekend,dinner at my moms,a girls night,Relay wrap up party. At some point this week I have to fit in Glee 3D with Emma!!

life rearranged


jessica dukes said...

her little crown is so sweet with her little sweet face. ;-)

Jessica Johnson said...

Happy Instafriday, Nikki! Your kids are adorbs! Sushi? Not so adorbs. I am a big food wimp.

ElisabethCS said...

We love sushi! Happy Friday!

{cuppakim} said...

awesome shoes!!! with green tights? awesome. :)

Holly said...

I have been craving sushi lately--that looks yummy!

My daughter is going through a helmet phase lately too--always wanting to try them (bike, football, baseball, doesn't matter) on in the stores.

Looks like a great week!