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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm so full!

        I'm still feeling full from Monday. I used two of my birthday coupons for free meals! Benihana for lunch and Red Robin for dinner! No,really!! I am full. My heart is so full. I'm so grateful for my husband. He took his first official vacation day (finally eligible for time off after 6 months-Vegas didn't count,that was business!) to spend the day with me(as I turned 33!) and keep up with family tradition. Every year we take the kids to school together on the first day. We take their picture in front of the school sign.

Our 6th Grader.

This year was bittersweet as it's Em's last year up our school. I have her picture in front of that sign starting in Kindergarten all the way to yesterday's 6th grade pose. I sooo wanted to cry! She is so grown up looking. Not to mention seeing how excited how her and all her girlfriends were to see each other.They greeted one another with shouts and hugs. Jill and I marveled at how big they were and the sadness that came along with knowing it was their last year at the school. She gets a few years off till her youngest heads up there but I'm there for quite a stretch! Noah is in 4th,Caleb starts next year and will be in 4th grade himself by the time Stella enters Kindergarten. So as long as we are here in this house,I will be a BES mom for many,many more years to come!

Our 4th Grader.

They both loved the first day. They came home excited to have seen their friends. We chatted about their teachers and new kids. They handed me the info cards I fill out every year. With the same info. My fingers cramped up. And then cramped up some more at the thought of filling out double in a few years.Then I wanted to cry when I realized that Emma will be a Junior and Noah will be a Freshman in high school when Stelita is a Kindergartner!

I had a nice birthday. Josie took me to dinner last night,Erin spent the day with me Saturday and Jill gave me the most heartfelt card and a super cute owl candle. The Lord has blessed me with some pretty awesome girlfriends :)

Looking forward to tonight! Jill and I are headed up to the high school pep rally with our girls! Gotta make sure they have school spirit already for next year :)

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