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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm a list maker

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I'm a big list maker.Supposedly this could be because I'm a Virgo.I don't really go for that sort of thing but this list writer stuff is one trait I cannot deny. I tend to use notebooks for these and never throw them away. I'm sure I have a shopping list from April 2005 somewhere and a list of possible names from when I was pregnant with Noah back in 2001.

We are but 3 weeks away from the start of a new school year. I will have a 6th grader and a 4th grader.This is Emma's last year up the Elementary school! So far our back to school list includes:
  • New clothes/shoes
  • Call for eye appts/ new glasses
  • haircuts
  • planning a rummage sale with another school mom for the big 6th grade field trip!!
I'm also planning a few parties (or co-planning at least!)
  • I need to find and book a hall for Stella's birthday party(hoping for October 16)!
  • order her cake (a small 2 tiered Red Velvet with coordinating cupcakes)
  • Just waiting on the invites to arrive for our family reunion on my Daddy's side.I'll be sending them out ASAP!
  • My girl Josie is due with her little Pumpkin on Halloween! I'm on the planning team for that too.
  • Did I mention a birthday for ME? Nope,well my little brother Cody and I(I'm 9 years and 2 days older) are having a shindig here at my place to celebrate.My wishlist is on my Pinterest ;)
I sincerely need to get some organizing done.The sum of 6 peoples belongings in this place is a big number. We have so many clothes we don't wear,toys we don't play with,books we don't read...... This week I am hoping to:

  • Fill at least 1 bag a day of clothes/shoes we don't wear to donate.
  • Get Stella's too small stuff together for baby Pumpkin.
  • Throw away broken toys and unloved toys.
  • clean out closet so I can put my sewing machine in something like this: 

I will also have a drawer just for keeping notebooks full of lists!

And just for fun:
  • I'm using my Happy Birthday Scentsy bar right now. Soooo yummy!
  • Currently addicted to Gold Peak unsweetened iced tea.Very refreshing.
  • Yesterday,Tim took me yard-saleing. I found some fun things but nothing too exciting. After that he made me a delicious Caprese Salad. O M G!! It was sooo very yummy.

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