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Thursday, July 14, 2011

With a bullet 7-14-11

  • I'm having a super cool Scentsy Party! My dear friend Carri is a consultant and lets me do what I want for my parties. I have my friends over,we eat chat and buy good smells!
  • My Mommy is spending the day with me to help me get ready. My mom is the Queen of Clean and I'm uber-grateful for her help.
  • My mom is organized,thin and sooo strong in bad times. She's good at all that stuff but failed to pass it along to me.She did however teach me how to be a great wife/mom and an awesome cook!!
My mom playing cornhole this weekend.  
  •  I thinking of making brownies with chopped pretzels in them. How does that sound? Surely it's been done before......
  • Stellita has a tooth! She crawls and has even said 'Baby'!!!!
  • We found the picture of Emma from her first 4th. Tim did a split screen. It's just adorable!
Emma 2000 *Stella 2011 I just adore my girlS

  •  I actually work this weekend. I hardly ever do anymore but I go in on the weekend if there is nothing else going on. Gives me some extra $. This pay will go towards the Hillsong United show in August and a shopping day with my sweet friend Erin.
  • I took a walk with Emma last night. I asked her on a scale of 1-10 how much better is this summer than last year (and the year before) She said an 8 so far!! Oh,thank goodness! I know with the losses and a tough pregnancy last summer things were rough for my kids. I'm so thankful to be able to give them a fun summer this year.Praise God!

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