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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Relay Recap

Team Family Ties just participated in their third Relay for Life! The theme this year was 'Hope Carnival'. I would say it was another success but the weather (very hot and humid) did put a damper on things. But we had fun and raised a lot of money for cancer research which is why we were there! We made Silver this year.

Just a few members of our team,posing for a scavenger hunt shot.

Emma and Juls. You can see how much these girls have grown in 2 years here.

I'm very happy to also mention that 2 years ago when we started Relay that Emma and Juls were relaying in honor of their friend Katherine. Well Katherine is now cancer free and was there to celebrate with us and walk the survivor lap!!! That moment brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank God for big sunglasses!

Our co-captain Shawnnelle (I was the other captain this year) was also interviewed by a local tv station. Our team is featured a ton in this video. We were all pretty excited about it!

When the 24 hours were up and it was time to go home I was tired! I got about 3 hours of sleep.I went home and showered and took a nap.I woke up and felt ILL!!!! Achy,headache,sore throat,nauseous....
By the next day I woke up feeling worse and Emma had it to.She had a temp of 102* to go with it. So needless to say most of the week was spent sitting around catching up on the DVR,cranking the A/C and drinking warm tea to sooth our throats. On Monday I posted a little wish list on my facebook : Gatorade, Ibuprofen and ice cream. My Mister came home bearing a bottle of Ibuprofen,ice cream SIX bottles of Gatorade and a bottle Dr.Pepper (love my Dr.Pepper!!) Do I love this guy or what??

Yesterday when I finally felt better I managed to play catch up around the house and actually cook dinner. Apple Pork Roast because we are all yearning for Fall...............

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