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Friday, July 29, 2011

InstaFriday 7-29

Taken during the Luminaria Ceremony. My Noah is a very emotional boy.It really got to him.I'm very proud of Emma for comforting him. I love this picture of my 2 big kids.

This is Stella and her friend Genny.Stella is quite unhappy.I think it's because she hadn't pooped for awhile!! I wish I had a good shot of the girls onesies.Genny's mama Shawnnelle had them made. They say 'Crawling for a Cure' 'Team Family Ties' They are adorable!!!

Caleb and Stella tuckered out the couch. I couldn't resist capturing this.Man,I just love my kids!!

Caleb has really been into board games lately. His favorite is Memory.He love's saying 'Mama! I'm a winner!' We played outside on Wednesday because the weather was gorgeous but sitting on the hard porch made my back ache! I'm too old!
Pier One was running a great promo on their Facebook page on Monday. They had coupons for $10 off of 10 more!! Tim and I each used a coupon and this is what we (well I!) got. All for about $6.

Well this is just my new Vera. I was getting a little bored in the waiting room at Noah's appointment so I played around on my phone. And how cute is that cuff bracelet sticking out??
This is Noah in the elevator.Lookin' handsome!

We ventured out last night and it rained buckets!! This is the rain coming out of the spouts behind Target.It was quite a site!
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katie said...

Aw, that pic of the two of them napping together is so precious!

Danna said...

Your kiddos are so sweet! I LOVE your new Vera bag, so much fun!
I hope your have a lovely weekend!

{cuppakim} said...

FUN post. :)

that owl mug is CUUUUUTE! i may need to pop into pier 1. yikes.
i used to work there though.
so i get scared going in.
even though no one i know works there anymore. hahah.

happy friday! :) here's to another fun week!