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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Actually getting off my butt this summer.

cousins having a ball

We had a fantabulous time this weekend. On Saturday we packed up the car and drove up to Ohio for a big family get together at my Aunt and Uncles place just out side of Cleveland. We had a lot of fun catching up,eating and I played cornhole for the first time which I loved!

My sweet little niece Leah and I. Leah is Amanda's daughter.

Caleb throwing a ball to Emma.
 We didn't want to give my aunt a full house so we got a hotel room. I don't know why but there is just something I love about staying in hotels. From all the free ice to the cute little bars of soap. I just love hotels. Of course the 'free' breakfast is always a plus. 
But the best hotels are the ones with a pool!! Indoor in the winter and outdoor in the summer! After breakfast we headed to the pool but the only ones to go in were Emma and Caleb.
Stella under the umbrella  

 After checkout I begged Tim to let me checkout World Market. Now I only know about this store through other bloggers. I was a bit envious of some of their finds there.Plus I had a coupon,but anyways.... The store was awesome. It was a lot like Pier One with a nice splash of Trader Joes. I got some really fun stuff. I can't remember which blog I found it on but I really liked their wall mount bottle opener so I got one for our kitchen. I also got a really sweet drawer knob that looks like a white rose. It's already on my buffet.

Some of my goodies from World Market.
After all that we were pretty hungry! We had said  next time we went up that way that we'd try Melt Bar and Grilled. We had seen it on Man Vs. Food and thought it looked pretty yummy!

Tim and Caleb during the very long wait. This place is popular!
While none of us went for the Melt Challenge we did manage to get some pretty amazing,delicious and massive amounts of food! I did a create your own kind of thing and had goat cheese,caramelized onions and chicken on mine. Soooo yummy!!

Half of Noah's sandwich was as big as his head!  

So after a day of relaxing at home on Monday we went to the pool with our friends yesterday.I swore up and down there was no way I was getting in a suit at a public pool. Especially in my own community but then I thought 'Who cares?' This body birthed 4 babies. It ain't perfect!! So I went and I'm so glad I did. We had a lot of fun,it tires out the kids and they aren't at home tearing the place up! Not to mention I wouldn't have gotten this super adorable shot:

Our little Mermaid.

I also had fun just being with my kids,my friends,their kids.. I think we are going to get a season pass!


Just a few thing's I'm totally digging on these days:

  • My Beloved Pinterest Board of course!
  • Looking forward to a fun swap with blogger I totally admire!
  • LOVING this Blog. Real Mama,adorable stuff!
  • Got the fixin's to make THESE. I should do it today because we actually got below 80*
  • So excited to be on the planning end of a family reunion for my daddy's side. My cousin and I are going with a circus theme and she found these awesome invites.

Now I am off to enjoy this beautiful day and take a walk up to see what this weeks farmers market has to offer.

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