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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Every Day Gifts

 Have I mentioned yard sales,flea markets and old stuff nobody else wants just gives me the warm fuzzies? Set me loose in one armed with a few bucks and I'll come out a happy girl! On Saturday Tim,Stella and I ventured out to the same one Josie and I went to a few weeks back. We went before they closed so it wasn't quite as crowded. Although stuff had been picked through all morning I still managed to score.

I adore these! I got all 8 saucers and a super cool sugar/creamer set for $4. I love the blue and taupe colors. These are super close to the colors I have in my head when we get around to doing the big kitchen/dining room makeover. I love saucers and they are so hard to find anymore.

I also got this neat old chair for $5. It's very sturdy. I'm not sure if I want to paint it or not because although it's beat up it's got some old flower decals on it.

 Other finds were:
  • Lyle Crocodile books for the kids
  • another bag of Shiny Brites. Nothing special like last time but they'll still look great in glass hurricanes this Christmas!
  • Vintage greeting cards.
  • Another game of Scrabble! The last one I bought was really old and I'm using it for a craft but this one is actually for playing. The kids have been interested since Tim and I have been playing 'Words with Friends' on our phones.

Sunday gave way to more family time at the park and out for ice cream. The temps soared into the 80's and had me digging through the closet for last years flipflops!

Stella and Daddy

Mama and the littles.

Every day presents little gifts. It could be hearing my oldest daughter's beautiful singing voice,having my husband clean up after dinner or the satisfaction that comes from hard work (I totally just cleaned and reorganized the pantry!) Now that I've relaxed,had my coffee and the little ones are still sleeping.(Yes, I truly am blessed!!) I'm going to wait for today's gift.


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Aww how old is the baby? What a cutie!!

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Stella is 6 months. Born on 10-10-10!!

Hill upon Hill said...

Is it that warm already? How nice to hear of your baby's birth.

Emma said...

Thanks mom for saying i have a beautiful singing voice!