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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheap finds

What a fun weekend! Saturday I got up bright and early to hit up a church rummage sale with Josie. We got there right at 8 when it opened and it was already jam packed! It was an old church rectory. The whole house was filled and every room had a theme. In the book room I found some vintage Little Golden Books which I collect for Stella's dollhouse book case.
I also picked up a cookbook from the 1930's,a childrens book from 1918 and a copy of 'The Good Earth' from 1949.

In the Jewelry room I grabbed a cool old box with the Last Supper on it. The bottom of the box is marked 1959.The little white box is from Disney World and it plays 'It's a Small World'. I'm guessing it to be around 40 years old.
My very favorite find of the whole day was a bag of vintage ornaments including many Shiny Brite's for 5o CENTS!!! Unfortunately we did have 1 casualty of a poor green bell. A search on eBay shows me that these teapots can get around $40 each!! I don't plan on parting with these anytime soon though.

The kitchen-which was filled with kitchen items- proved worthy as I found my only newer item:1/2 of this Temptations set for only $7. When I paid for it the lady asked me why I didn't want the other one. I guess somebody else already beat me to it. I also found a gingham bowl.I love any vintage gingham. I have an old tin candy dish and even a retro table!

Proud of being so thrifty(I only spent about $14 there) I allowed myself a treat-a new Bare Escentuals compact and some lipstick at Sephora.

Last night was Girls Night Out at Laser Tag. So fun!!! Our next one might be at Sing-Sing. I went there years ago and had a blast! This Thursday is the last night of our Bible Study. It's been so fun meeting new people lately.

Other tentative Spring Plans include:

  • Volunteering at a Relay for Life Luncheon
  • Taking Caleb to see The Imagination Movers
  • Taking in a showing of Totem with my coworkers
  • and some sort of home renovation.Not sure if we want to tackle the big Kitchen/Dining room redo(Making it into one HUGE kitchen) or finally getting around to finishing out basement.Actually seems doable now that we've discovered DRIcore)

So excited for the good times and blessings in our future!

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