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35 Y/O wife to Tim and mom to Emma,Noah,Caleb, Stella and 2 babies in Heaven.Trying to walk in the path of the Lord and carrying my family with me. I love our 1902 home we purchased more 10 years ago. It is constantly evolving and goes through whatever changes my little heart desires. I love vintage treasures and I'm always on the hunt for them! My hope is that this blog will be a constant scrapbook for my family and home,a place to make new friends and just somewhere to lay out my thoughts,even if they aren't beautiful or inspiring. XoXo-Nikki

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So this is what's happening.............

  • The kids were dedicated on Saturday at our church.
  • I had been dreaming of that day for a long time.
  • I wrote our blessing.(see below)
  • We were so honored to have family and good friends join us.
  • Everyone met back our place for a nacho bar,cake and good conversation.
  • I love everyone who was there.
  • Tim's parents and sister came in for the weekend.
  • We treated them to the sushi buffet but they did not try sushi.
  • My sister in law Jess and I tried Frog Legs!!
  • Yes,they do taste like chicken.
  • However,one bite was enough for me.
  • Our Valentine's Day was nice.
  • I got flowers and a necklace.(and a fancy washer and dryer)
  • Tim got a NEW JOB!
  • God is SO good!

"To Our Dearest Children Emma,Noah,Caleb and Stella.

With the arrival of each of you our faith in The Lord has grown stronger. Why you ask? Because the gift of a precious child could only be the work of our Almighty Father. We are so grateful to Him that He picked us to be your parents and put us all together as a family. Our goal as parents is to raise you to be happy, healthy, safe and pure. To watch you all grow up knowing and loving Jesus Christ and serving others in His name.

We love you more than words can express,

Mama and Daddy"

Life really can be so beautiful even amidst the storms. My heart still aches for my sister and the loss our family has endured.I still yearn to hold the babies I lost even though I have my sweet Stella Bella. I really miss the way my Daddy was before his stroke. But I'm learning to dance in the rain.I'm moving and grooving through it.Feels kinda good..............

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