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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today my love is 33. Unfortunately there will be no celebrating today. I have a nasty head cold. My nose is so stuffy I feel like a panting dog trying to breath through my mouth. I did however make him some cheesecake brownies that are cooling this minute. Not sure if dinner will be take out or not. Doesn't matter to me. I can't taste anything but it's not my birthday. It's his.

Us right after we started dating.December 1998.

I remember his 21st Birthday. We drove back to Newville so he could be with his family. At the time I had only an inkling that this would be my family too. Memaw,Pappy and Aunt Jess (who was a cute little 13 year old then!!) to our 4 future babies. The house was small,warm and cozy. Scented candles and the smoky scent of the wood stove filled my nostrils. I remember telling my (future) father in law 'Mr.Brandt,I like your house!' to which he replied 'Yeah,we're real country out here.'

Tim drove me around and showed me where he grew up. We had dinner at the G-man where he toasted his first (legal) beer with his Dad. After dinner we drove to the top of the mountain. It was cold! Not to mention quite breath taking with a million starts above us. I had his arms around me. I looked at the gorgeous sky and just knew. Just knew that this was real love and that I wanted to be there for all his birthdays.

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CozyComfyCottage said...

hi! fun that you have 2 boys and 2 girls like me. looks like we have a lot in common! happy birthday to your hubby! mine will be 35 in about a month!