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Monday, August 2, 2010


Despite Stella's upcoming arrival I am absolutely lacking in the happiness department. I'm constantly in pain which I'm sure has nothing to do with being pregnant not to mention a few other irritants in life right now. Uncertainty with my husbands job is also not helping. But that's life and it's not always pretty. I'm not working hard enough at making it pretty. I really do not have the energy too.I just feel so guilty about this feeling of discontent. I feel it's not honoring God. I need to remedy that so I'm making a list of all the things that make me happy that are accessible right now.

1) Fluffy bedding on my bed. I took the stuff from my guest room (because I love it so much) and put it in my room.

2)Watching my husband clip coupons last night. My man cuts coupons. 'Nuff said.

3)When people compliment me on my kids. Especially my Noah who has excellent manners. I hope this is a precursor to treating ladies the way they should be treated. Hearing 'Oh,that Emma.She's a nice girl' Lord,please let her stay that way!

4)Having a bum/head in my ribs or a foot/hand in my hip. It's a wonderful,nostalgic feeling. I need to cherish it. Once Stella is here,we are all done making babies.

5)Getting back to church. We hadn't been there in a about a month. We went Saturday night and it was refreshing.

6)That box of Krispy Kreme's sitting in the kitchen. :)

7)My good friend who texts me just to see how I'm doing.

8)The bins of little dresses and shoes I've collected for Stella. I get a huge thrill going through them and imagining her in them. I can barely contain my excitement for this little soul to complete our family.

9)Caleb is sitting on the potty as I type! (Finally!!)

10) Knowing that good things are around the corner. Back to school,Autumn,Football,big pots of chili and soup. With a fresh new baby added in the mix.Awesome.


Chambray Blue said...

Oh, to be young again! Savor these moments... time sweeps them away and before you know it, they're memories. What a wonderful Mom you are! Today I say a prayer for you. be blessed, bobbi

Hill upon Hill said...

Don't forget the role of hormones. You are wise to try and think of things to be thankful for and boy, what a lovely list.

You will feel so much better soon. Promise.