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Monday, April 19, 2010

obligatory post

Only because it's been well over a month since I've posted anything.
So where to start? Well the biggest thing going on right now is my Dad. He suffered a stroke the day before Easter and has been in the hospital ever since. So almost 3 weeks now. It has been quite hard on our family especially since we are all spread out. It could be worse. I mean we at least live on the same side of the state.I'm in the middle though with my sister nearly an hour north and my parents nearly an hour south.

I hate that this is what it took to show me how important my parents and the rest of my family are to me. We tend to only get together when there is a holiday or birthday. I've been trying my best to get down there though. It's rough with the kids,work and being a pretty unhealthy person myself. Last week we went down on a Sunday afternoon. I sat around the kitchen table with my siblings,eating Chinese food. It would have been the perfect day if my dad wasn't lying in a hospital bed a few miles away alone and confused.(Although I will mention we drove to the hospital a few times that day to go see him!!!)

It's hard to see my dad like that. My parents had me while still in high school and since we are all still so young I always kind of figured I wouldn't have to deal with my parents being ill for quite sometime. I'm not a strong person and I worry that I'm not being strong enough for my mom or younger siblings. I have even cried pretty hard in front of my kids.

Last year sucked so bad I thought this year just had to be better! Right???? I think God still has some pretty special things up his sleeve for us. It's only April. Everything thing that is going on has been laid up on Him. He will take care of us and give us peace. There are so many people praying for my dad. People have been so supportive of my mom. I am so grateful. When something bad happens people really show how they care but you know what? I want to show people I care even when life is great. I want to do something for someone even when the sun is really shining on them. And I'll do it even when the sun is not shining on me.

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