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Sunday, January 10, 2010


So far I'm swimming through the year. The end of last year had me barely keeping my head above water but right now things are almost normal. Things would be even better if there weren't a zillion piles of cold white stuff outside. It's pretty bad when you are looking forward to a 40 degree day.

Speaking of swimming the big kids started their lessons last week and they love it!
This Wednesday is the kick off dinner for Relay for Life. I am SO SO excited! Relay was the highlight amongst many lows last year. So Yay!

I'm not sure excited is the word but I may be getting some answers to my chronic health problems and that makes me feel.......hopeful? Maybe? If I get answers I may also be able to get solutions. If I get solutions on how to be healthy again maybe,just maybe,we can try again one day?

It's funny how this blog started out. It's beginnings were more about creative living and being frugal but sometimes the posts are on a more personal level. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Especially since I really have no idea who my readers are.(I get about 5-10 hits a day).
If you visit will you please comment? I would like to know who you are and get to know you!
It would be fun to actually go somewhere with this blog. I have a few favorite blogs and these ladies just write and photograph so creatively. Some day I would even like to be good enough to show my face at Blissdom. How fun would that be?

Tonight Em and I made her memo board. She picked all the materials out herself!

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