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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

A great Christmas morning for my babies. Each kid got 3 presents each to open under the tree from Santa. (Emma did have a few small things wrapped together to make a whole gift) and it went over well. No one seemed upset that they got less this year. Of course they all have over sized stockings that seemed to get filled so..............

Caleb was pretty excited about his Ni Hao, Kai-Lan set and Magnadoodle but he was over the moon about his roller skates!

Noah loved his big Lego set and Lego Rock Band! But was most excited about his aquarium.

Emma(the spoiled princess)Got a new Vera bag(score for $9!!!) with some Harajuku lovers perfume($7!!),an iPod (Tim got this FREE at a conference.There is no way we'd actually spend that kind of $ on a 10 year old!) with some accessories(more bargains scored at 5Below) and another Vera bargain(a cute case for her iPod.) She also got the highly sought after Zhu Zhu pets. As she gets older she has more expensive tastes. I hope we are always lucky enough to find such bargains on this stuff!

Tim was good to me! I got the illustrated Jane Eyre, a bottle of Petite Cherie, a super huge Vera tote(I need a BIG bag!) and a very generous upgrade on my engagement ring. My old one is quite small but it has large significance so I moved it over to my other hand.

In my stocking was a heavy duty staple gun. I really,really wanted one. It will come in handy with some DIY projects I have in mind for the coming year.

My guy really loves me and I love him!

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