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Monday, November 9, 2009

C'mon Get Happy!

Well I for one can say that I just did not like the direction my blog was heading!Ugh!! What a bitter mess! Anyways, our Halloween was super! Despite being sick we had fun! All of the kids cousins joined us. Above is an after shot. Look how big all the babies are getting. Leah Michelle and Tegan Scott look more like little ladies than babies these days! Poor Caleb just looks sick and tired. He was so cute Trick or Treating this year though! Had I been in this pic you would have noticed the same thing! Having 1 quarter of the BES 4th grade over the night before didn't help either! I'm so glad we told Em no more B-day parties till her Sweet 16!

Look at my sweet Noah! I didn't think he could get any cuter but now that he's wearing spectacles watch out ladies! His weird way of needing a lot of light to read tipped me off so I made an appointment for him when I picked up my new glasses.(BTW,These babies are cute! I will have to show them off soon!) and sure enough my kid needed them really bad! So now 3 out of 5 of us wear glasses here.

We reached another milestone this past week. I let Emma go away with another family for the weekend.Not too far and not with anyone we didn't know. My friend Jill took the girls up to Splash Lagoon to celebrate their 10th B-day.My kid had a great time and was well cared for. I will be eternally grateful to their family for showing my child such kindness! Here is a pic of the girls at Presque Isle:

We are gearing up for a very busy end of the year! I'm hosting Thanksgiving! I have a few TS parties lined up and I'm totally excited about the soaring sales of my own Scentsy party! Thanks to all who ordered!! I'll show off my goodies soon!

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