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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pajama Day

I have dubbed today Pajama day. I feel I deserve it because we had a busy week(more about that below) it's raining (and supposedly snowing!) and Friday's are always an anniversary of sorts. I should be either 26 or 16 weeks today.Blah.

So I have on my pink flannel PJ bottoms and the big comfy sweat shirt I bought myself at Target the other day.I also made a huge pot of coffee.The heat is actually on at a modest 65 degrees. I have caught up on a few things that have been sitting on the DVR.Broke down crying learning that Ol'Ma Duggar(who I really do love!!) got pregnant with #19 just a few days after we lost Baby #4(aka Riley) I would go on about how life is not fair but when bad things happen to us it really is a chance to give Christ the Glory he so deserves.And I do but I can still throw myself a pity party today right?

So our busy week-On Sunday we met up with Tims family in Bedford Pa for the Fall Foliage Festival. We had a nice time and I appreciated the time I had with my husband in a fancy hotel room while the kids had fun with Memaw,Pappy(Caleb calls him Puppy!),Aunt Jess and Uncle Scary Gary. The festival was nice. We bought some yummy jams and desert mix. Tim bought me some really pretty leaf earings. The kids of course were spoiled rotten and loved the hotel pool.They now want to take swim lessons. I beleive the new classes start in January so I have to remember to sign them up!

This week also brought a few installations into the house,planning Em's 10th b-day party (Costume Party on the 30th!) and my beloved Bible study.

I'm so excited! I finally started buying the materials needed for Microscope slide necklaces! Woo hoo! I hope to have a fair amount made for Christmas gifts. I also have been making some really delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread and found these adorable little loaf pans at Michaels for only $1. They came in cute Harvest designs. I plan on making my breads in them for the women in my group.A few of the other women have also been kind enough to bring in some goodies for us. I love making stuff for others.

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