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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well the past week has been interesting. Nausea and heartburn have set in. Not sure if knowing I'm pregnant again has!

One thing is sure-people are more than happy to make you feel bad. Not that I should care. I did get way more 'Congratulations!' or 'I'm so excited for you!''s than not but still. It's hurtful to hear such things as 'Why?' or 'Are you serious?' in such a disappointed tone. I even heard 'Three children are more than enough for anybody!' Ugh!! Children are such a blessing. Why don't they get it?

Not to mention my husband and I are self-sufficient people who work hard.We barely ever ask anyone to baby-sit.It's not like our family is a drain on the system!

I usually keep this blog happy. Heck, I am happy. I'm very excited about our new baby!! But some people's opinions I can do with out!!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

My SIL got that with her 3rd and 4th...from her own MIL!! You see, she is an accountant and works for her in-laws tax place. Her kids often tend to come during tax season, their busiest time obviously. Since she already had a daughter and son, her MIL didn't see why she thought she needed more.

Some people are oblivious to what falls out of their unthinking mouths. Try to ignore them, or have a snappy comeback. Either way, as long as you, your husband, and your other kids are happy, that is ALL that really matters!

You know I'm happy for you!!

Dr. Crapp said...

in case you don't recognize the screenname, it's Carri.

I think your readers should know... I still remember that night at the Olive Garden where you told me you couldn't have kids. I remember your heart breaking more with every second. But, over time you started to deal with it. God gave you these children as a gift for your strength. Other people could be as fortunate, but instead they tell us that we are "breeders". We all have a weakness. - OR - On the other hand... I have a very dear friend, whom I love desperately, who jokes that I need to get "spayed". It's all tongue in cheek, but it's HIS way of dealing with the situation. He worries so much about how I am going to survive, that he overdoes it (bless his heart).

Ether way its frustrating. Pray for them :)