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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I will carry on.

Carry on blogging that is. Even though I find I'm not very thorough or consistent.I also find that I don't take a lot of pictures. Perhaps I live in the moment and totally forget to pull out the camera. I'll deal.Anyways February has proved to be very busy in it's short 28 days. We have spent the last full month of Winter doing major cleaning and trying to keep it that way! Right now I can not believe my bedroom is mine!It looks great. Usually it holds all the laundry and what ever else the kids manage to drag into it.

We also got FIOS this month and although all those channels will take some getting used to I like the fact that we are now saving about $50 a month. We also have unlimited long distance but since I'm not a phone person I don't really care about that.

I have also managed to get some great deals and FABULOUS finds! A day out with the girls(and babies) included Panera,The Red,White and Blue thrift store,the Goodwill and Gabes. RW&B netted us 2 board games including a practially brand new Cranium in a tin. I also snagged a bag full of Colonial candle tealights in Vanilla Pearl.

Did you know that Target donates merchandise to the Goodwill? It reduces waste(and I'm sure they get some sort of tax write-off) because of this I got the pumps I was eyeing up since I started working there. Now I'm not really a 'high heels' kinda gal so I could never justify spending $30 on a pair. Even with my discount. But when I found them for $3.50 I vowed to wear them to a wedding I'm going to this year. I also found a brand new pair of sneakers for Caleb. $2 thank you very much!Plus Court hit the jack-pot on brand new Liz Lange maternity clothes. The best find of all though was a beautiful vintage framed picture of Jesus. Very similar to the one found here.(same pic,different frame.) Well that one on that site went for $129 but mine was only $7. It needs a hanging wire and has some wear to the frame but I think it just adds to the character of the peice.

Gabes had me buying brand new kids Dickies hoodies for a $1.(bought one in each color lol) and one of those big 'ol Always Kiss me Goodnight signs to hang in my bedroom.

No week of bargains is complete with out a trip to CVS. Coffee,lady items,eyeliner and lotion cost me NOTHING after all my coupons and extra care bucks. Wahoo!!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Woo hoo for cheap stuff!! I have been needing a new coat for awhile (a nicer one than my 7 year old Columbia one, one to wear to church). I was thinking about one of those black wool ones, and they had them at Kohl's for $200. They marked them down to $40 so I got one last night! Plus, I ended up buying another one that was slightly less formal for $22, reg. $110. Sales are GOOD!

I found something so adorable at Target last weekend. It was a little dog sweater with an OWL on it. I wanted it for the puppy, but they didn't have an XS :P Man, I just love Target.

Hill upon Hill said...

Nice to have a good clean out and good times for free.