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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Food...Glorious Food

We are in a food rut! I want to start doing menus again but I just don't know what to make.

I started subscribing to some Foodie blogs and made a master grocery list. What are some of your family's favorite dinners?What do your kids ask for seconds of?


Momof2boysAZ said...

My kids love the parm. crusted chicken found in our familys cookbook. I love making enchildas, we make a pan and freeze a pan so we get the cooking done for 2 nights in one day. Bonus is that there is usually leftovers for lunch the next day each time too!
Let us know what Foodieblogs you signed up for

BRAT Girl said...

Hi Nikki! I don't have any food recommendations (my husband does the cooking) but I wanted to say "hi - nice to meet you"! :)

Stay warm!

Leila said...

Lately I've been making a lot more soup. Economical and so good!
Thanks for stopping by our blog!

Jen said...

my kids LOVE pasta. I have gotten really creative when it come to pasta. Some pasta, some meat, a sauce and some cheese and dinner!

Hill upon Hill said...
An excellent website.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

I am a long-time subscriber of Taste of Home, and a lot of our favorites come from there. "Cheesy Mini-Meatloafs" is really great, and something everyone loves. My husbands all-time fav is my homemade sweet and sour pork (or chicken). My husband is so picky that I have to stick to pretty traditional, familiar ingredients most of the time...which I think stinks! LOL