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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Win me!

As I mentioned previously I managed to find some great deals when we went away for for Christmas. My very favorite with out a doubt is the little birdy you see above. It was only $1...From Walmart! When I saw it in the Christmas clearance department I'm sure I let out a little squeal and thought 'Do not go over $5 on that!' I was so excited to get it for half off at only $1. There is really nothing Christmas-y about it and the orange glitter matches my living room walls perfectly. It is now hanging on a little hook on the mantle. I did buy another at my local store a few days later. Who wants one? Leave a comment and you will placed in a drawing I will pull on January 20th!!

Did I ever mention that my very favorite way to relax is with a cup of Tazo Zen tea and a biscotti? I don't think so. Anyways I was quite pleased to find a lovely ceramic jar filled with Nonni's Biscottis for around $4(also at Walmart). I then found even another fun deal at BB's. No trip to my In-Laws is complete with out a visit to BB's. Its a grocery outlet ran by the Amish. We find the most fabulous deals there like crazy ethnic sauces for $.25 and big bottles of juice for $.60. Sometimes you have to be careful because some stuff is way out of date(a few weeks isn't gonna hurt!) the best find though was 3 boxes of Nonni's Biscotti's for $.75 each! Sure their 'best by' date was in November but they are supposed to be hard anyways! It's the little things I tell you...the little things.

*Since only 2 of you commented and one already has this and the other suffers from Ornithophobia I will be using this for something else. I was trying to get to know my readers because according the the FEEDjit there sure are a lot of them! Oh well!*


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Aren't those caged birds awesome!! I bought three of them when I first found the at WallyWorld at the start of the season, and grabbed 3 more when they went on clearance. They are hanging in my kitchen (I will have to post a pic). Say what you will, but I love Wal-mart!!

...but not as much as Target ;-)

Momof2boysAZ said...

I hate birds but I love you so here is your comment! I love a deal! All of our christmas stuff was 90% at a local store so I went crazy and only spent $6.16