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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 2008 (part 2)

Jacob,Leah,Noah,Emma,Tegan,Molly and Caleb. My parents 7 grand babies! My sister and her husband will be welcoming #8(Their 2nd!) in August.

Our Christmas Eve was quite memorable. We attended candlelight service at our church with My sister and her husband and my niece Molly. It was beautiful. I'm looking forward to this years already! After that the whole family gathered at our place. From there we put out quite a spread! Ham,asparagus,fixins for sandwiches,dips,crackers,cheeses,cookies,appetizers and punch.
Just as we were about to carve the ham the lights went out! The whole block was we sat in candlelight and ate and talk. After about an hour we decided to let the kids open presents. We used the small LED flashlight I have on my keys to check the gift tags.After another 20 minutes the power was restored! I was glad because the novelty was really starting to wear off. The kids were getting so tired. As you can see in the picture above they were not very cooperative when it came to a group shot!

This was our tree this year. Santa brought lots of smaller things this year (Cd's and games and books mostly!)

Caleb opening First Book of Sushi

All that time wrapping...gone in minutes.

An American Girl doll-Finally! Emma named her Sarah Luna.

(where did this pic go?)

hooray! a Nintendo DS for Noah!(Mom got one the next day :)

Kicking ourselves for buying this noisy thing!!

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