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Friday, December 12, 2008

Decembers Happenings.

On Sunday we celebrated Caleb's 2nd birthday. N8.othing big and fancy. Just us and our families. Eating a sandwich ring and cake.Caleb got some much needed clothes and some toys. Yo Gabba Gabba of course. The next night on his actual birthday we went to AppleBee's. They came out and sang to him. He was so excited!!Just the cutest thing ever. Now that I wish I had a picture to share!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

So excited about the YGG Swag!

Decorating is just about done.All we need to do is decorate the tree. It is up and lit. We will decorate it tonight as a family. I'll have the WOW Christmas CD on and make some hot cocoa and pop corn. Just like my mom always did!

Tuesday night I came home from work. I got the best surprise! Tim had bought new lights and hung them! The past few years we hadn't bothered. Just too busy with everything.Which is sad because I do love Christmas. The lights are amazing! All blue and white across the porch and over the bushes.Then when I got home the next night he had the tree and indoor lights up. He truly earned points this week.

We also pretty much knocked out all of our shopping for the kids yesterday. Someone is finally getting that American Girl doll they want so badly!

What I'm really excited for this year is to attend Christmas Eve service for the first time in a very long time. That will bring on the feeling of Christmas more than anything!

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

Yippee for YGG! Many of the girls presents are YO Gabba... they are even getting YGG tennis shoes from Walmart of all places!

Sounds like a wonderful, busy life you are leading ☺