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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A mid-November update

Seriously?! Mid-November? Really?

Noah turned 7 on the 16th! We had a party for him at Build-a-Bear. It was small-only 6 kids and our birthday boy. But it made for a nice quiet party . The next day-his actually b-day we went to Red Robin. Yum!

Our Birthday Boy!

Noah and Friends

We had so many B-A-B coupons we let Emma and Caleb in on the fun!

Actually before RR we went to church. We are sooo loving it! I've been lucky enough to have had Sundays off for the past 3 weeks so we have been attending a service called Worship Cafe. Tim really enjoys that one. But its back to work for me this weekend so we'll be attending Saturday after work. Which is still great. I'm just glad to go.It took me a few years to talk him into going lol!

This week Em was in our school districts production of '101 Dalmatians'. She was a puppy and narrator. In fact she was the first narrator and had the first line! *BEAM* She said her lines very well but I could tell how nervous she was. Basically I'm just happy she wanted to do something and she finished it! We are very excited to participate in drama club again next year. She is also doing super in school. Her teacher has her doing the advanced spelling words instead. Tomorrow is test day so we'll see how she does.

Emma saying the first lines(and me thinking its time to learn how to use the zoom!)

Em and her BFF Jules

Em with cast mates Katherine and Julianna

As for me I've been feeling blah again. It comes this time of year every year. Tara- I think I need to pack myself up and come spend time in the AZ sunshine with you! I've also had this pain in my back and leg. I saw the dr today. She said it is Sciatica and gave me an Rx for Physical Therapy. Not sure when I could fit that in so.....

Thanksgiving will be spent at my parents,my hours at both jobs will probably pick up,I have a TS party to do and my own open house the first week of December and then on the 8th Caleb turns 2!He already acts like a 2 year old very,very much!

I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING come January!

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

So busy, girl! I sympathize with the sciatica. I get that when I am pregnant, and sometimes my leg would just buckle on me all of a sudden.

Also, I can sympathize with the two-year old. My youngest turned two in August, but has been in her "terrible two's" since probably 18 months or so! LOL

I am so happy you are having a good time attending church as a family! Slow down when you are able and get in a little "me" time :-)