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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did you know?

I saw these on a few other blogs and decided to join in. Tag! You're it!!

Seven things I do well:




4)Make friends

5)Spoil my kids



Seven things I don't do well:


2)Return Library books on time


4)Spend extra time with my husband

5)Saying No

6)Manage money

7)Staying in touch

Seven Songs I Love right now:
1)Monsoon-Tokio Hotel
2)Sister Golden Hair by America
3)Slow Fade by Casting Crowns
4)The Con by Tegan and Sara
5)Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren
6)I will Follow You into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
7)Reinventing your Exit by UnderOath

Seven things I have never done:

1)Been on an airplane

2)Gotten my Drivers License.

3)Pushed a baby out.

4)Succesfully maintained the life of a plant!

5)Had a pedicure.

6)Left the area I grew up in.

7)Saw The Grateful Dead live(I had tickets and my dad wouldn't let me...Jerry died a few months later!)

Seven 'jobs' I have:


2)VS rep at CSC

3)Room Parent at BES

4)Softlines at Target

5)Senior Consultant for Tastefully Simple

6)I can't think of 2 more....5 is enough for anyone!

Seven things I want to do:

1)Have Lasik done.

2)Get over my fear of flying.

3)Read the entire Bible. Cover to Cover

4)Have another baby!

5)Tubal ligation after said baby.

6)Tummy tuck after said tubal ligation.

7)Adopt more babies after all of that......

Seven Things that make me Happy:
1)My family
2)Attending Church and praising Jesus
4)fun socks
5)A dry 65 degree day
6)Coming home to a clean house


Jenchik said...

:-) Nice.
And what about 7 movies that you like & don't like? :-)

Cowgirl said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing! I might have to do this at my blog!