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Monday, September 8, 2008

First week of September....

.... has been a little crazy!I started my new job and it's not hard but it is tiring. I am out of shape and I have had a sit down job for almost 10 years.(That I appreciate now) I am not used to being on my feet. I want to cut them off at the ankle by the time I get home. One of my new co-workers told me that she has lost about 40 lbs in the past 9 months since working there so maybe that will happen to me too : )

I worked Monday,Wednesday and Friday. Then I was at my regular job on Saturday and got called into Target on Saturday night. I'm tired but looking forward to having extra money again.

I did some shopping Thursday night and all day Friday with Nikki. I got the kids some super cute clothes at H&M. Maybe if I lose 40 lbs I can buy myself some super cute clothes too!I also got to see Tegan. She is just absolutely precious in every way. I got to hold her and sing to her.Holding a baby is just lovely.

I got a call on Monday from my cousin in AZ. Another baby his/her on its way!! Woohoo!! Our family has been so blessed lately with babies. I made the decision last month that I didn't want anymore but now I'm not so sure...........

I finished Twilight in a day and now I'm onto New Moon.I can totally see how everyone is wrapped up in these. They are addicting!

Today the kitchen was painted!! It looks so fresh. When all is situated I will be sure to post a few pics. We still have to get the shelves for my cookbooks, a picture I want at Target and of course,flooring.

I have another busy week coming up,both jobs,our BES potluck,first PTO meeting of the year.
We are doing Walk for the Whisper again. We missed the past 2 years : ( After that we are having a family get-together of sorts at my house. Somewhere in here I'm going to devour New Moon!!

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

You sure have been busy! I have missed seeing you around ☺ Glad things are going well...and I totally hear you about being out of shape :p

Remember to find some "me" time, as hard as it might be!