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Monday, August 18, 2008

Re-routing my journey

Today was an interesting day. Jonette,my TS sponsor,came back from nationals last night. She is pumped,excited and inspired. She made me feel this way in turn. I have 2 potentials right now and the best incentives to get them started. If this happens I will promote to from Senior Consultant to
TEAM LEADER!! I'm so excited about it!! (Also find it funny to find out the current incentive for this- if I get both recruits I will earn an iPod nano. Tim just ordered me one on Friday night!)

Jonette told me to get over my fear of flying. She is dragging me on the flight to Minneapolis(for next years National conference) if she has to. It's my goal. I'm gonna do it. I am. To achieve all of these I really need to up my game.

This evening I had a job interview at Target. I want something a few nights a week while Tim is home with the kids.With back to school,Halloween,all 3 of their birthdays and Christmas coming up the money is much needed. Of course I got the job because I'm special. Just Kidding. I start in 2 weeks. I just hope they are flexible with me when it comes to the kids activities and school stuff.

So all of this really had my wheels turning. I'm still on the Neurontin indefinitely for the Shingles.
(I'm feeling like 90% better by the way.) It is a class C drug so it is not the best idea to get pregnant on it. The plans for #4 have been in the works for sometime now. Conceiving now would hopefully result in a late spring baby. I even saw the Dr. last month to get the go-ahead for it. Started taking vitamins and stopped taking my anti-anxiety meds.

So I cannot help but wonder if I'm supposed to be taking a different path right now. Maybe a baby is not in our immediate future. I would like to say still in our future just not anytime next year. Maybe being on this medicine and starting these new ventures are Gods way of telling us a little one is not what he has planned for us in 2009.

Perhaps turning 30 for me does mean starting some new and exciting things I have never done before like my first flight. I'll probably need medication for that too-Xanax!!

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

I flew to Ohio about 3 years ago for the first time, AND it was the first time I had been anywhere alone. I was totally scared, but I got through it. Then I felt empowered!

Congrats on the job! I can't think of anywhere better to work than Target (except Ikea). Sometimes it is frustrating, and sometimes it is exciting not knowing the surprises and plans God has for our lives. I will pray for you for direction and happiness ☺