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Monday, August 18, 2008


A trip to Ikea on Saturday resulted in the purchase of 2 FJUS Shelving units.The depth is only 11 and 3/4.Perfect for my long,narrow pantry. Than pantry itself is maybe 4 feet across.Give or take a few inches. Tim probably knows the real answer to this.I would also guess it is about 10 feet long then giving way into a closet that is about 4x4. Again, Tim probably knows the real answer to this. My dream is take half of this and use it for just that- a pantry. The rest for a powder room because one little bathroom for 5 just is not cutting it for us. So smack in the middle-a few inches in front of a planned wall- is our upright freezer. This makes for a tight space but it is working right now. The walls are quite shoddy as is the floor but this works for now. I have my eye on some really funky vintage kitchen wallpaper.This stuff is loud and I love it. Not enough for my actual kitchen but for this tiny little room of course!

Glass Jars-$2 at Dollar General.

Don't scoff at my jarred sauce(even though my mom does!)

Yes,this room is so tiny I can not get a picture of the whole unit!

Other items stored aside from food include both Crockpot's,paper items(ie leftover party items. We have a zillion Thomas plates left over from Noah's 1st and he is almost 7!) and my favorite plastic,vintage breadbox filled with all my Tastefully Simple samples for personal use. Doing this has freed up a ton of space in my kitchen cabinets. I love it!
What will really make me happy is when I can display my cookbook collection.That day just can't come soon enough.

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SquishyCuteStuff said...

First off, any mention of an Ikea trip makes me green with jealousy! Secondly, I love a good pantry. Our house we live in now has one, and it is terrific! My husband has installed shelves on two of the walls (in an L-shape) almost up to the ceiling. I can store gadgets, cookbooks/TOH magazines, food, etc in there out of the way. Love♥