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Sunday, August 31, 2008


My birthday weekend was pretty great. I have a lot of people to thank. My darling husband took the day off and we went to Dozen! I have been wanting to go for quite sometime. We all picked out a cupcake (plus an extra so we got every flavor of the day!) and dropped them off at home so we could have lunch at Frankfurters.

Daddy,this hot dog is yummy!

Noah loves Cheese fries!

Frankfurters is a great place! The decor takes you back and they serve bottled pop made from pure cane sugar. I had a delicious Red Creme Birch beer. Plus I love to support local business.

Finally! Lets try 'em!

Vegan Chai,Vanilla,Thai Ice Tea,Elvis,Jack&Coke and Milk Chocolate

Soooo....I thought the Thai was great. A little dry and I could go with out the sugar sprinkles but very good. I sampled Emma's chai-wayyy too 'clovey'. Caleb's Elvis was awesome!! He loved it!
The rest were all very good. I'd love to try the Mochi when I get the chance.

My parents took the kids for the night so we met up with my brother, his FIANCE,(finally!) and my BFF at Benihana.The food was good and all us girls got silly mugs. Our 'chef' didn't put on the show that one expects at Benihna though. So that was kind of disappointing.But we had fun.

Tegan's Mommy and Daddy.

Please tell me why I took a horrible picture all weekend! Is this what comes with getting old?
Just kidding. That is my wonderful husband with me.

Cody and I. We were celebrating his birthday too. He is 21 today! That's right-we are 9 years and 2 days apart!We've always been pretty close despite the age difference.

Another odd face. I'm surprised I'm even putting these here but people I love are in them so....
Anyways this is Leigh Ann. My bestest girlfriend. (aside from my mom...and my daughter...and my sister...) I've known her since I was 15 so half my life!

I really wish my sister could have came but she was at a wedding in Ohio for her husbands family.

The next day Tim and I had lunch at Chipotle and strolled through Ikea without kids underfoot.
He bought me the mirror I had my eye on. We also got Emma a new black and pink dresser from the As-Is room.Then we picked them up. We had no plans for the rest of the day so we decided to drive into West Virginia(they live about 5 minutes from the border). First though I had to check out The Kauffman Family Marketplace. She said it was right up my alley.She was right! We had a blast buying a bunch of pantry staples. We got Couscous,brown sugar,'Harvest Soup' Mix,cupcake decorations,candy,snack mixes. I'll have to make sure to stop there next time I visit my parents.

We drove over this bridge when we were in WV. I thought it was the Mothman bridge but I was wrong by a few hundred miles LOL!!The bridge actually took us into Ohio.
We did however come across a Tim Hortons in Steubenville Ohio. We tried Timbits and I had and iced coffee. We don't have those in our area. C'mon we finally just got Sonic and IHOP .

Caleb approves of the Timbits.

So the weekend was quite lovely. I got lots of cards including the one from my sister that included a gift card to PF Changs,an owl bank from Leigh,cute owl flats and a Home Depot card from Nikki,Cody and Tegan,a decorative pumpkin from my parents and new earphones and an iTunes card from my husband to go with the iPod he bought me. And of course beautiful handmade cards from my babies.

Now I'm old and sleepy.


Hill upon hill said...

Happy birthday. It all looks a lot of fun. Special times from your husband, friends and family. Love the cupcakes.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Happy happy day to you! Looks like you had a full and exciting weekend! (And I think you look cute, not old/tired ☺). This time last year, I was at Ikea also... ah, the memories! I wish I had one closer than 5 hours away. Lucky you♥