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Monday, July 28, 2008

Super Readers!

Well,it is official: I have a bookworm! Emma read all 15 books to earn all of the prizes for the summer reading program through our local library. Actually,she read 30 but who's counting?
Here she is with the backpack she earned for completing the program.You can't see it but next to her is one of her book reports.Here is her first one:
Noah also completed the first segment of the program earning him an Applebee's coupon for a free meal!Next week we'll be attending a special picnic for all the kids who participated.

After the library we went to the park. I wanted to get a nice picture of all 3 kids but Caleb was just not having it!

At least I managed to get the big kid's together and one of Caleb running straight for the camera!

Lucky for Noah his BFF lives right across the street from the park. He came over and I had a nice conversation with his mom who is a wonderful women.She was telling me about their church and I'm thinking of checking it out. I've been praying for us to find the right church. Maybe this will be it!


Liz said...

Poor Caleb... I can relate to that today. :)

Blissful Nikki said...

awww look at him crying :(
I love reading your blog, and I see we have something in common! I am finind more and more Nikki's as I blog, hehe

Carla said...

I love the shot of the baby crying! My grandma used to say 'just take the picture anyway' and she was right! Happy moments or not-they all make memories.

Hill upon hill said...

Yes, it is wonderful when our little ones enjoy reading. I share your joy...